Eddie Richardson

Milwall FC 24/06/2016

An Evening with Eddie Richardson

On Friday 24th June Eddie held an evening event at Millwall Football Club where after delivering a speech chronicling his life from childhood in Camberwell, South London till present he answered questions from his audience.

"It was a really good evening and people enjoyed it, that's the important thing" said Eddie.

In the audience was former Undisputed Middleweight champion of the World Alan Minter and his son Ross, himself a former professional boxer and now successful boxing promoter.
Ross: "It was so interesting to hear Eddie talking about his life, he's normally a very quiet man. To listen to his thoughts, how he felt about certain things including the Krays. A brilliant night!"
Alan: "Eddie has been round the boxing circuit for years, I know him well from his work with The Brighton ex-boxers association. We all heard stories about the Richardson's but it was so interesting hearing Eddie tell his side of things, a really great night."

Ross and Alan Minter with Eddie

Eddie spoke for around an hour and a half. His life story is extraordinary, one that most people find hard to comprehend so it is easy to understand why people from all walks of life are drawn to hearing from Eddie himself.
Apart from his dealings with the Krays both in and out of prison Eddie has met and befriended many other infamous criminals in prison as well as some very famous celebrities on the outside. All of this makes for great listening.